OUTLOCKS is a global leader in Outdoor and Safes  Access Management Systems, enabling our clients to control who, when, and where to access their sites and safes in real time.
OUTLOCKS technology is based on a combination of state-of-the-art front and back-end software and heavy-duty locks, designed to meet harsh weather conditions, a patented technology.
OUTLOCKS has over 100,000 locks installed worldwide serving premium clients in a variety of industries: telecom, energy, transportation, storage, governments, and banking.

Enabling Technology

Real-time access management system based on a combination of access management software, heavy-duty locking units and a Wi-Key smartphone application. 

Outdoor and Safe Access Management System with a solution to any type of Access –

Real-time access management system | Web-based software Flexible authorization | Fully integrated with enterprise systems using OpenAPI | Military Grade Cybersecurity (4 layers asymmetric encryption 256Bit) Multi Factor authentication | Biometric Locks opening

Patented concealed locking units for all enterprise requirements Heavy-duty locking units (Anti-Vandalism and pick resistant) IP68 | Locks operate by virtual keys using smartphones |

Locks are independent of electricity using batteries that range from 3-8 years (for 1 opening per day)

 Locks meet top international standards | ISO 9001/ 2020 

Addressing The Unique Challenges of Outdoor Security

For offices and commercial facilities, there are numerous solutions available for locking and for managing access and keys, that rely on the wired or wireless communications infrastructure installed on site.

Outdoor facilities (i.e. communications towers, street cabinets, cash in transit automobiles and utilities) pose a series of unique challenges that are not present indoors such as:

     Security – Outdoor Remote assets are exposed to: 

          -Break-in – the majority are “Inside-Jobs”

     Control – The need for Real-Time Access Management System that provides on-line data:

          – Who enters, when, how long On-Site, Door Open/Closed Status after leave site     
          –Notifications on risk, abnormal activity

     key management  – with set of virtual keys granted in No time per needs clients avoids the endless wasted time of key pickup and drop, lost keys, duplicated keys