Wi-Key 2 Mobile APP

Wi-Key 2 Mobile APP

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Boost your operation’s efficiency by using virtual secured keys to access company’s outdoor and remote sites, all through a rich feature set mobile app.

Wi-Key locking units are operated via mobile device BLE.  The mobile application is used to transfer the encrypted Virtual Key from the management software to the lock via secured channel, maintaining system’s high security.

The key is non transferable, and may be retrieved and used only by the authorized personnel with an authorized device, both defined in the management system.


  • Secured Login with 2 factor authentication
  • Biometric login
  • Offline Access Mode for sites with no internet connection
  • Key by Text message (SMS)
  • View Today’s work plan
  • Navigation to site with Google maps , Apple maps or Waze
  • One-touch unlock with QR code scan
  • View lock status- battery, Unlocked, Locked, Auto relocked, maintenance status
  • Confirm locking
  • Missing Confirm locking alert
  • Geo fencing
  • Audit trail
  • Quick Access View
  • Manage Maintenance Operations – FW upgrade, Battery replacement
  • Biometric Lock opening
  • Banking Advance package

The application is available for Android 9 or newer, and iOS 10 or newer.