Critical Infrastructure
Simple. robust. secure
Transforming the Outdoor
Access Control
Providing a long-term, reliable, sustainable and durable system for managing outdoor and remote sites access through a cloud solution
Critical Infrastructure (1)
Transforming the security
of strong rooms and safes
Real-time access control and highly secure operation with concealed heavy duty locks and unique banking features

Transforming the way enterprises handle their outdoor and remote sites

OUTLOCKS is a world leader in Outdoor Access Management. We increase our clients’ control over their valuable assets by expanding capabilities, improving operational efficiency,
productivity and enhancing security. OUTLOCKS is committed to continuously develop exceptional high quality Outdoor & Banking Access Control solutions to enable organizations to meet their emerging challenges.

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Utilities & Telecom

For many businesses, such as cellular operators, cable (FTTH), electricity and Oil & Gas companies, the most valuable and critical resources are located outdoors. With its unique technology, OUTLOCKS provides exceptional performance when it comes to securing access to outdoor and remote sites.

Bank & Finance

Safe and Vaults either in branches or in ATMs in most places in the world did not make yet the Digital Transformation leap in controlling the access to cash and valuable assets stored in Real-Time. OUTLOCKS provides a real time, highly reliable, robust and proven solutions enabling highest level of security, fraud prevention and efficiency


Biometric Authentication

With OUTLOCKS’ real-time Wi-Key™ management system, your locks can become biometric with a click of a button. Use fingerprint with an Android phone or face

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Top-tier integration!

We are pleased to announce that we completed integration of OUTLOCKS’  Wi-Key™ Access Control system with swing handle locks.  EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH and DIRAK GmbH are

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