A Leading Technology

Our Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solution, the Wi-Key System, is designed to address top security stringent requirements, both in cyber and physical security 

Through innovative solutions and enabling technologies, we strive to alleviate the challenges our clients facing on a daily basis with direct impact on productivity and security

Locking Device

Battery operated, concealed, autonomous locks which requires no infrastructure. Operated by a virtual key transmitted to the lock via BLE based, propriety, highly secured protocol. Lock character is defined in the management system, auto- relocking, biometric, dual control, etc. and can be change instantly

Management Software

Cloud based management software with a rich feature set to gain full, online control on who access the asset, when, where and how. Lock confirmation, biometric identification, multi factor authentication, dual control, alerts and notifications and more.

Mobile Application

Easy, intuitive application for Android or iOS, serves as a channel to transfer virtual key and audit information from the management software to the lock in real time. Login to the app is verified by 2 factor authentication, Username & password, fingerprint or Face ID.

Cyber Security

With the mindset that Cybersecurity is a major concern to our clients, all information transactions between the management software and the lock via the mobile app are protected with four layers of encryption, 256bit Asymmetric (ECDH) to achieve military grade cybersecurity


RESTful, open API for seamless integration of our physical access management into our clients’ organizational processes and control systems. SDK for integration of the Wi-Key App into our clients’ Android or iOS application.