Banks & Finance

In bank branches, ATMs and retail chains, safes and vaults have not yet undergone the digital transformation of the 21st century; keypads, combination locks, and keys remain the most common methods for securing cash and goods.

With our concealed locks and highly secure access control management system, OUTLOCKS is positioning itself to lead this transition, enabling our clients to reach a higher level of security with a simple, easy-to-install retrofit lock.


ATMs and CDMs (Cash deposit machines) provide a unique challenge when it comes secured access. Multiple users are required to access the machines, either for cash replenishment or maintenance making key management cumbersome and high-risk.

OUTLOCKS’ system provides an easy and secure way to control and monitor these access in real-time, a digital transformation that makes physical key management redundant.

Integration through Open API with the company’s dispatch or workforce management system will enable easy control by the CIT company or the bank

Safes, Vaults & Strong rooms

Around the world, safes, vaults and strong rooms still use mechanical keys, combination locks, or keypads to open. The opening is controlled by an authorized person usually restricted by time lock or onetime code, with limited monitoring abilities or minimal enforcement.

OUTLOCKS’ solution for safes, vaults, and the strong room is based on many years of experience with a variety of concealed safe locks to address different types of doors. Strict control and monitoring capabilities are achieved with a highly secure access management system.
The system includes a unique banking feature set: Biometric access, Dual Control, Date and time restriction and Duress alerts.