About Us

OUTLOCKS is a global leader in Outdoor and Safes Access Management Systems, enabling our clients to control in real time who has access, when and where.

OUTLOCKS technology is based on a combination of state-of-the-art front and back-end software and highly reliable Heavy-duty locking devices, designed to meet outdoor harsh weather conditions and the strict security demands of safes and vaults

OUTLOCKS has over 100,000 locks installed worldwide serving premium clients in a variety of industries: telecom, energy, transportation, storage, governments and banks & finance

Enabling Technology


The Wi-Key™ System is a Real-time access management system based on a combination of access management software with special outdoor features and Heavy-Duty locking devices operated by a smartphone application.

Locking devices are autonomous of Electricity and Network with almost Zero maintenance. No commissioning process is required in the system setup process

Outdoor and Safe Access Management System with a solution to any type of Door

  • Web-based software with Flexible authorization capabilities
  • Fully integrated with enterprises systems using RESTful API
  • Military Grade Cybersecurity – 4 layers asymmetric encryption 256Bit
  • Full Authentication process including 2-Factor and Multi-Factor
  • Biometric Locks opening
  • Door Confirm Locking mechanism
  • Notification matrix by event and discipline
  • Geo-Fencing capabilities 
  • Dual Opening – 2 authorized staff to open a lock

Patented concealed locking units for all enterprise requirements and outdoor Heavy-duty locking units designed for Anti-Vandalism and pick resistant, harsh weather conditions; IP68, salty environment tested (2,000 hours)

Locks are independent of electricity using batteries with a lifetime ranging from 3-8 years (for 1 opening per day) with a high level of monitoring tools

Locks meet top international standards; UL, IEC, IECEx, IP

As a Mission-Critical system provider, we are Committed to High Quality of design and manufacturing. The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified