Top-tier integration!

We are pleased to announce that we completed integration of OUTLOCKS’  Wi-Key™ Access Control system with swing handle locks

EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH and DIRAK GmbH are leading manufacturers of locking solution for communication cabinets.
The Wi-Key system is now operating EMKA’s Swing Handle Model 1317-SU155 and DIRAK‘s Swing Handle model MLE1102 (E-line).
To maximize control over cabinet doors access, we added door status sensor that works in parallel with the lock’s status internal sensor.
With our unique battery power management and status monitoring, these locks will operate for more than 10 years before battery replacement is required.

Integrate out access control into your enterprise system by using OUTLOCKS’ Open REST-full API or use OUTLOCKS Access Management interface. 

The Wi-Key system is protected by Military grade cybersecurity.