New Features in LNLi Access Management Software

OUTLOCKS, leaders in high-security and outdoor smart locks, has released its newest Lock Management Software version! See what new features you can count on for unparalleled access management and security in our September 2023 newsletter.

Biometric Authentication

With OUTLOCKS’ real-time Wi-Key™ management system, your locks can become biometric with a click of a button. Use fingerprint with an Android phone or face ID with iPhone to unlock any of OUTLOCKS’ locks or certified 3rd party locks. Using the biometric ID, you ensure that only authorized personnel can access your assets.

Top-tier integration!

We are pleased to announce that we completed integration of OUTLOCKS’  Wi-Key™ Access Control system with swing handle locks.  EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH and DIRAK GmbH are leading manufacturers of locking solution for communication cabinets.The Wi-Key system is now operating EMKA’s Swing Handle Model 1317-SU155 and DIRAK’s Swing Handle model MLE1102 (E-line).To maximize control over cabinet doors access, we added door status sensor that works […]

Dual Control

Some banks are still using two mechanical keys to open their vaults and safes – a process in which two branch managers open the bank’s vault with different keys simultaneously. This policy cannot be enforced all the time – Keys are being left in the keyhole, both keys are being used by one person or given to unauthorized […]