Switch Activator for 3rd party locks

Switch Activator for 3rd party locks


Add Advanced Access Control to your lock.

OUTLOCKS’ Switch Activator is an electronic relay used for integrating third party locking Devices or any other electrical equipment, with OUTLOCKS Access Management system based on Wi-Key or Knock code technology.

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  • Wi-Key or Knock Code Technology operated
  • Concealed
  • Add access control to your locks


Activation or deactivation of Electro-Magnetic Doors, electric shutters, motorized gates and alarm systems.

Technical Specifications

  • Case: Plastic
  • Size: L=68.9mm (2.7″), H=21mm (0.8″) , W=63.3mm (2.5″)
  • Operating temperature: -35°C(-31°F) to +65°C (+149°F)
  • Relay Capacity: 8A @ 250VAC or 8A @ 30VDC
  • Power: 1 x Lithium battery 123A

Available models

  • KA714W Activator based on Wi-Key Technology
  • KA714K Activator based on Knock Code Technology